Join Ed Garza at your local gym. Attending a volleyball camp can be a great experience for a young player. A young player will improve her skill level and knowledge of the game by working on both fundamental techniques of the game and overall team concepts. Plus, the players get to make new friends who they will likely play with and against over the next few years.

Camps are available for high school and junior high athletes looking to improve their level of play! Affordable and beneficial camps are convenient for parents and students, without having to drive across town!
Camp Includes:

  • Techniques focus on teaching winning offense and defense and improving individual skills.
  • An accelerated, highly-demanding learning process and mental toughness training is offered.
  • Plus a camp t-shirt.

All sessions will take place only in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and will be held in a gym or recreation center in your neighborhood.

To get most out of the camp, it is very important that all participants show up in peak physical condition! We want to spend time focusing on the skills of the game.